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Zen Wealth Management Services Limited (ZWMSL) is a premier financial services company with a formidable presence in the stock market and has earned the trust of its clients for its efficient and investor-friendly services.
What is Portfolio Management Service (PMS)?
  • Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a customized investment portfolio of equity, debt, or instruments created to suit the individual investment objectives of a client.
  • A professional fund manager who is well-equipped to handle the process conducts the portfolio’s day-to-day management, research, and idea generation.
Is PMS right for me?

Portfolio Management Services may be the right option for individuals who:

  • Want to invest their money in equities but do not have the required expertise.
  • Are equipped with the required awareness and knowledge to invest in equities but do not have time to actively manage their portfolio.
  • In today’s markets, equity investment has become a more involved activity and demands a greater awareness and in-depth understanding of the business and economic variables that affect equity valuations.
  • Stocks operate in a wonderful tax environment, with a 10% tax on long-term capital gains and a minimal 15% tax on short-term capital gains. Also in this economy, there are no investment avenues other than stocks and real estate to earn inflation-adjusted positive returns and stocks offer more liquidity than real estate. ZWMSL portfolio managers fully understand these advantages of stocks and make them work in your favor.
  • ZWMSL’s portfolio managers are supported by a strong research bureau that is well equipped to understand the market and deliver superior returns.
  • Each portfolio is personalized keeping in mind your investment parameters, including return expectations, objectives, time horizon, liquidity constraints, a distinctive tax status, and most importantly, personal risk tolerances.
ZWMSL’s investment philosophy:

We follow a simple yet effective philosophy of wealth creation through a long-term investment strategy that focuses on quality and undervalued businesses run by people of competence and integrity. We firmly believe that there will always be opportunities for wealth creation, irrespective of the Sensex movements. At ZWMSL, we follow an elaborate procedure of studying each company in detail before we invest in them.

  • We assess the size and durability of the opportunity.
  • We focus on the track record of the company, pedigree of the management, quality of earnings, growth potential and most importantly, sustainability of earnings/ growth.
  • We then shortlist companies applying various quantitative and qualitative filters.
  • We constantly monitor the business and revise the values accordingly
  • We follow a disciplined approach to investing.

Scheme Features

Minimum amount that has to be invested

The minimum investment is Rs 50 Lakhs.

Duration of investment for PMS & Lock in Period

Minimum period of Investment is one year. This will enable the portfolio manager to design the portfolio in accordance with the needs of the client. It is also advisable to keep any equity portfolio invested over a longer term because in the long run, equities outperform most other asset classes. Voluntary termination by the client within one year is permitted upon payment of a termination fee.

Rate of Return

As per SEBI regulations, returns cannot be guaranteed. Our endeavor will be not only to beat benchmark indices like the BSE500 TRI but also to perform better than our peers in the industry.


All portfolio clients will receive a Portfolio Performance Report on a monthly basis and a Transaction Statement along with a statement comparing the performance of the portfolio to the benchmark indices on a quarterly basis.


Any individual/ NRI / POI who wants to invest money with the intention of preserving and growing his capital may use ZWMSL's Portfolio Management Services.

Indian economy in the 21st century is characterized by rapid all round growth, globalization, strength of its intellectual capital, and unbridled spirit of entrepreneurship. It is a good time for you to invest and take advantage of opportunities available in the market. Also, investing safely helps you make your money grow and not be a victim to inflation or other forces that may decrease your purchasing power.

Each placement of funds shall be for a minimum period of 1 year.

Please Note:

Investors are not being offered any guaranteed / assured returns. Investments in securities are subject to market risks. The value of investments may go up or down depending on the various factors and forces affecting the capital markets. Past Performance of ZWMSL PMS does not indicate the future performance of our Portfolio Management services. Investors are urged to read the Disclosure Document before signing the agreement. Our PMS is offered to investors who clearly understand the long-term potential of equities and the associated risks.

SEBI Registration

ZWMSL is registered with SEBI vide its registration no- INP 000000936 to act as a Portfolio Manager under the SEBI (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 1993.

Principal Officer Mr.Neti RamaKrishna 040-44232266
Compliance Officer Ms. Anasuya Sahu 040-44232215

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