Internet trading is easy, convenient and reliable with ZenTr@de

Online Trading from Zen Securities Ltd. - a trusted stock broking enterprise driven by over 2 decades of experience and a fast expanding national presence. Zen offers a diverse range of stock broking and financial services across all it locations with the emphasis on superior quality. Driven by a burgeoning client base, Zen's rapid ascent in the stock market is a testimony to the unmatched quality, economy and credibility of its services.

Advantages of ZenTr@de - Internet Trading Platform.

Flexible and advanced trading platform

  • Simple, reliable and easy to use.
  • Faster execution, faster price updates.
  • Integrated payment gateways - facilitates online transfer of funds from your banks ( HDFC /
    ICICI / Axis / Corp / OBC / Yes bank etc.) for instant limits (on funds transferred).
  • Integrated with Zen DP account - seamless settlement.
  • Take full control of trading and trade with privacy from any place of your choice.
  • Choice of Trading from Internet or Branch.
  • Choice of Browser based or EXE based trading.

Market watch

  • Streaming market quotes.

  • Multiple market watch.

  • Integrated market watch for viewing NSE / BSE / NSE FAO on one screen.
  • Access to trade in NSE / BSE and NSE FAO Segments.

INTRADAY and DELIVERY differentiation

  • Different limits for INTRADAY and DELIVERY.
  • Auto square off of all INTRADAY orders 15 minutes before close of trading.
  • Convert INTRADAY trades to DELIVERY trades on availability of credit/margin source.
  • Access to trade in NSE / BSE and NSE FAO Segments.
Access to statements

  • Stock Statements - View Stocks in your DP account and also Zen Benf account.
  • Cash Statements - View Cash available in your Zen Broking account.
  • Mutual Funds - View Transaction/Holding statements with Latest NAV's.
  • Networth Statement - Networth statement of assets with Zen, (Stocks+Cash+Mutual funds).

ZenTr@de is an integrated Dealer Terminal and internet trading platform offering the choice to trade in a branch or in internet or both as per client's convenience and choice. The platform offers all the conveniences and advantages mentioned above.

Contact your nearest branch for details or Log on to or or call 040-44232323 or email to