1. How to open Brokerage a/c (Trading & Demat) with Zen money?
It's very simple, Zen Money offers you SIX convenient ways of opening an account with us.

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2. What are the documents required to open an Brokerage (trading & demat account)?
3. How can I open an Internet A/C with Zen money?
4.How do I receive the user ID and password?
5.What types of characters are to be used in password?
6.Is it possible for me to change my password frequently?
7.How to reset the password if disabled?
8.What is market watch?
9.How to add the securities to the market watch?
10.How to delete the securities from the market watch?
11.Can I create more market watches?
12.Authentication of password, is it required?
13.What is difference between Intraday and delivery order?
14.What is intraday trade?
15.Can I trade both NSE and BSE in the same Screen?
16.Can I trade in F&O?
17.What is difference between Carry forward and Intraday in F&O segment?
18.How to place orders (buy or sell)?
19.What is order book & how to view the order book ?
20.What is trade book & how to view the trade book ?
21.How to cancel or modify the limit order?
22.What is Net position, how to view the net position of the trades of cash and F&O ?
23.Can I view what are the margin limits given to me? the trade book ?
24.Is it possible to convert the Intraday to delivery trades?
25.How can I transfer funds to get the margins during trading?
26.What are the statements available for an investor?
27.what is contact no for any clarification reg. Trading?