New Pension System

Zen Securities Limited is registered as POP (Point Of Presence) for NPS-PFRDA. It takes care of functions relating to registration of subscribers, undertaking Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, receiving contributions and instructions from subscribers and transmission of the same to designated NPS intermediaries. It has 25 branches that are acting as Point of Presence Service Providers (POP-SP) which provides services like subscriber registration, receiving regular contributions, modifications in address, nominations, bank details, grievance handling and MIS uploading etc.

And it is already providing services like Online Trading in Equity, Future & Option Seg, Commodities, Currency Derivatives, Interest Rate Futures, Mutual Funds Distribution, Portfolio Management Service, Depository Participant, Point of Service for PAN, Point of Collection for MF-KYC to its customers

Contact our nearest POP-SP Branch for details or email or SMS "NPS" to 562636465 or call 040-44232323.

if any grievance please email to