How to Enroll
Download Application Form
Download Contribution Instruction Slip
Documents Required
To enroll in NPS you need to submit the attached registration form (UOS-S1) to the POP-SP of his/her choice.
Documents Required
  1. 2 copies of Identity Proof
  2. 2 copies of Address Proof
  3. Signature/ Thumb impression(Male:-left; Female- right )
  4. Date of Birth Proof
  5. Self declaration that he/she is not a pre- existing member of NPS.
  6. Coloured passport size photograph
  7. Incase the subscriber wants PRAN to be filled in Hindi, the annexure UOS-SH1 on page 8 is required.
  8. In case of IRA compliant Subscriber applying for Tier II account, POP/POP-SP shall make sure that the Subscriber has provided the copy of PRAN card along with the Tier II application form.
For Tier II Account, along with the above documents Bank Details & a Cancelled Cheque is also mandatory. NRI should have an account with the bank based in India to open the account under NPS.
In case of non IRA compliant Subscriber:
  1. POP/POP-SP shall collect the KYC documents (proof of identity & proof of address) or Certificate issued by the Head of Office (of the Non IRA compliant subscriber). List of acceptable documents in this regard is printed in form UOS-S11.
  2. POP/POP-SP shall verify that the Subscriber name and address provided in application form is as per the KYC documents (proof of identity & proof of address) or Certificate issued by the Head of Office (of the Non IRA Compliant Subscriber).
  3. The POP/POP-SP will not accept any Tier II application in case of mismatch observed in the name provided in the application form and in the KYC documents / Certificate issued by Head of Office (of the Non IRA Compliant Subscriber).
After the account is opened, CRA shall mail a "Welcome Kit", containing the subscribers Unique Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) Card and the complete information provided by the subscriber in the Subscriber Registration Form. This account number will be the primary means of identifying & operating the account.
A T-Pin (Telephone Password) is also issued through which you can access your account on the call centre number(1-800-2220808) & an I-Pin (Internet Password) for accessing the account on the CRA website.
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Government Subscriber: Mandatory contribution through PAO/CDDO for Government subscribers (10% + 10% of Basic +DA per month)
Other Subscribers (all Citizens except those mandatorily covered by NPS)
  • Minimum number of contributions in a year - 4
  • Minimum contribution Rs 6000/- p.a.
  • Minimum Contribution Rs 500/- per contribution
(Minimum One contribution in case a subscriber joins in the last quarter)
  • Voluntary contribution through POP/POP-SP for Government as well as other subscribers
  • Minimum contribution of Rs 1000/- at the time of account opening
  • Minimum contribution of Rs 250/- per contribution
  • Minimum balance of Rs 2000/- at the end of each financial year
(No separate KYC for Tier II account opening will be required; the only requirement is a preexisting Tier I Account)
Note: Penalty of Rs. 100/- to be levied on the subscriber for not maintaining the minimum Account balance and/or not making the minimum number of contributions.
  1. New Account Opening Charges (Tier 1 & II both) - Rs. 40/-
  2. Tier II activation for existing subscribers of Tier I - Rs. 20/-
  • The subscriber can contribute the amount through cash, local cheque or demand draft at any chosen POP-SP.
  • No outstation cheques shall be accepted.
POP/POP-SP shall collect duly filled NPS Contribution Instruction Slip (NCIS) along with the application form. POP/POP-SP shall also ensure the following points:
  1. If the Subscriber is a central government employee who has joined government service on or after 1st January, 2004 (and mandatorily covered under NPS), then he/she can contribute only for Tier II.
  2. If the subscriber is a pre 1st January 2004 Government employee, he/she can contribute for both Tiers I as well as for Tier II.
  3. The subscriber other than Government Employee can contribute to both Tier ! as well as Tier II Account.
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