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MF Scheme Details
Scheme Name
Asset Size
(Rs. in Cr)
Asset Date
Fund Manager
CPSE ETF ETFs - Other 13460 31-Mar-21   23.56 06-May-21 Vishal Jain
Nippon India Arbitrage Fund(G) Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund 10211 31-Mar-21   20.91 06-May-21 Anand Devendra Gupta
Anju Chhajer
Nippon India Arbitrage Fund(G)-Direct Plan Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund 10211 31-Mar-21   21.93 06-May-21 Anand Devendra Gupta
Anju Chhajer
Nippon India Arbitrage Fund(IDCW) Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund 10211 31-Mar-21   12.53 06-May-21 Anand Devendra Gupta
Anju Chhajer
Nippon India Arbitrage Fund(IDCW)-Direct Plan Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund 10211 31-Mar-21   13.50 06-May-21 Anand Devendra Gupta
Anju Chhajer
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Fund House
( Rs. in Cr)
No Records Found.
Scheme Details
Equity - Sectoral Fund - Banks & Financial Services1
Equity - Sectoral Fund - Energy & Power1
Index Funds - Nifty1
Equity - ELSS1
Equity - Sectoral Fund - Consumption1
Equity - Sectoral Fund - Pharma & Health Care1
Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund3
Hybrid - Balanced Hybrid Fund1
Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund2
Capital Protection1
Debt - Short Duration Fund1
Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund2
Debt - Long Duration Fund1
Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund1
Debt -Interval Funds - Monthly2
Fixed Maturity Plans67
Debt - Liquid Fund2
ETFs - Gold1
Debt - Floater Fund1
Equity - Large Cap Fund1
Equity - Mid Cap Fund3
Equity - Small cap Fund1
Index Funds - Sensex1
Equity - Thematic Fund - Global2
ETFs - Index8
FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented1
Debt - Medium Duration Fund3
Debt - Gilt Fund1
Equity - Multi Cap Fund1
Debt -Interval Funds - Quarterly3
Debt -Interval Funds - Yearly1
FoFs (Domestic / Overseas ) - Gold1
Hybrid - Multi Asset Allocation1
Hybrid - Equity Savings3
Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund1
Equity - Value Fund1
Equity - Focused Fund1
Equity - Thematic Fund - Other1
Debt - Overnight Fund1
Debt - Low Duration Fund1
Debt - Money Market Fund1
Debt - Medium to Long Duration Fund1
Debt - Dynamic Bond1
Debt - Corporate Bond Fund1
Debt - Credit Risk Fund3
Debt - Banking and PSU Fund1
Hybrid - Balanced Advantage1
Solution Oriented - Retirement Fund2
Index Funds - Other3
ETFs - Other8
FoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented2
ETFs - Debt4
Incorporation On
Feb 24,1995
Total Assets Under Management
230221.63   (Rs.Cr)
Pvt. Sector - Indian
4th Floor, Tower A, Peninsula Business Park,Ganapatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (W)Mumbai - 400 013
KFIN Technologies Private Limited
Key Personnel
CIO - Fixed Income
Mr. Amit Tripathi
Head Infrastructure & Admin
Mr. Pradeep Andrade
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Prateek Jain
Chief Human Resources Officer
Mr. Rajesh Derhgawen
Chief - Service Delivery & Operations Excellence & Customer Care
Mr. Bhalchandra Joshi
Head - Banking Operations
Mr. Ajay Patel
Chief Legal & Compliance Officer
Mr. Muneesh Sud
Head Product & ETF
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh
Head Risk Management
Mr. Raghuvir Mukherji
Independent Director
General Ved Prakash Malik
Associate Director
Mr. Takayuki Murai
Executive Director & CEO
Mr. Sundeep Sikka
CIO - Equity Investments
Mr. Manish Gunwani
Fund Manager & Dealer - ETF
Mr. Mehul Dama
Head - Product Management & & Co- Fund Manager
Mr. Arun Sundaresan
Associate Director
Mr. Jai Anmol Anil Ambani
Associate Director
Mr. Akira Shibata
Associate Director
Mr. Kazuyuki Saigo
Senior Fund Manager - Debt Investments
Mr. Sushil Budhia
Co-Chief Business Officer
Mr. Saugata Chatterjee
Research Analyst - Equity & Co-Fund Manager
Mr. Tejas Sheth
Research Analyst - Equity
Mr. Manish Kayal
Fund Manager and Senior Research Analyst
Mr. Aishwarya Agarwal
Independent Director
Mr. Mahadevan Veeramony
Chief Marketing Officer
Mr. Sandeep Walunj
Chief Risk Officer
Mr. Milind Nesarikar
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Abhijit Shah
ETF - Head & Fund Manager
Mr. Vishal Jain
Head of International Business
Mr. Abhijit Shankar Singh
Head- Equity Research & Fund Manager
Mr. Ashutosh Bhargava
Fund Manager - Commodities
Mr. Vikram Dhawan
Deputy CIO
Mr. Sailesh Raj Bhan
Senior Fund Manager - Equity
Mr. Sanjay Parekh
Fund Manager
Mr. Samir Rachh