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MF Scheme Details
Scheme Name
Asset Size
(Rs. in Cr)
Asset Date
Fund Manager
Franklin Asian Equity Fund(D) Equity - Thematic Fund - Global 116 31-May-19   14.40 10-Aug-20 Roshi Jain
Franklin Asian Equity Fund(D)-Direct Plan Equity - Thematic Fund - Global 116 31-May-19   15.22 10-Aug-20 Roshi Jain
Franklin Asian Equity Fund(G) Equity - Thematic Fund - Global 116 31-May-19   26.14 10-Aug-20 Roshi Jain
Franklin Asian Equity Fund(G)-Direct Plan Equity - Thematic Fund - Global 116 31-May-19   27.43 10-Aug-20 Roshi Jain
Franklin Build India Fund(D) Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 1317 31-May-19   16.15 10-Aug-20 Anand Radhakrishnan
Roshi Jain
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Fund House
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Scheme Details
Equity - Sectoral Fund - Technology1
Index Funds - Nifty1
Equity - ELSS1
Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund1
Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund2
Debt - Short Duration Fund3
Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1
Fixed Maturity Plans22
Debt - Liquid Fund1
Debt - Floater Fund1
Equity - Large Cap Fund1
Equity - Mid Cap Fund1
Equity - Small cap Fund1
Equity - Dividend Yield Fund1
Equity - Thematic Fund - Global1
FoFs (Overseas)2
Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 1
FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented5
Debt - Medium Duration Fund2
Debt - Gilt Fund1
Equity - Multi Cap Fund1
Hybrid - Equity Savings1
Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund1
Equity - Value Fund1
Equity - Focused Fund1
Equity - Thematic Fund - Other1
Debt - Overnight Fund1
Debt - Low Duration Fund2
Debt - Money Market Fund1
Debt - Dynamic Bond3
Debt - Corporate Bond Fund1
Debt - Credit Risk Fund3
Debt - Banking and PSU Fund1
Solution Oriented - Retirement Fund1
FoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented2
Incorporation On
Oct 06,1995
Total Assets Under Management
80640.33   (Rs.Cr)
Pvt. Sector - Foreign
Indiabulls Finance Centre; Tower 2,12th and 13th Floor; Senapati Bapat Marg; Elphinstone Road (W)Mumbai 400013
+91 (22) 67519100
+91 (22) 66490622 / 66490627
Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Pvt. Ltd., KFIN Technologies Private Limited
Key Personnel
Associate Director
Mr. Gregory E. McGowan
Associate Director
Mr. Stephan H. Dover
Independent Director
Mr. Navroz Seervai
Independent Director
Mr. M. B. N. Rao
Asst. Vice President & Portfolio Manager
Mr. Abhinav Kumar
Associate Director
Mr. Harshendu Bindal
Vice President - FTS India
Mr. Ajay Narayan
Head - International TA, India
Mr. Sameer Seksaria
Compliance Officer
Mr. Saurabh Gangrade
Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer
Mr. R. Sukumar
Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Anand RadhKrishnan
Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager
Mr. Anand Vasudevan
Vice Prsident & Portfolio Manager
Mr. Chakari Lokapriya
Vice President
Mr. Roshi Jani
Vice President & Portfolio Manager
Mr. R Janakiraman
Assistant Vice President & Portfolio Manager
Mr. Anil Prabhudas
Assistant Vice President & Portfolio Manager
Mr. Murali Krishna Yerram
Assistant Vice President & Portfolio Manager
Mr. Rajat Malhtra
Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Chetan Sehgal
Chief Investment Officer
Mr. Santosh Kamath
Vice President
Mr. Sachin Padwal-Desai
Vice President
Mr. Umesh Sharma
Senior Manager
Ms. Pallab Roy
Assistant Vice President
Mr. Neeraj Gaurh
National Sales Director
Mr. Peshotan Dastoor
Associate Director
Mr. S. Jayaram
Investor Relations Officer
Ms. Ratna Chakrabarti
Associate Director
Mr. Alok Sethi
Associate Director
Mrs. Shilpa Shetty
VP & Head - Risk Management
Pravin A. Nadgouda
Head of Research - India
Mr. Saurabh Das
Vice President - Research
Mr. Krishna Prasad Natarajan
Vice President & Head of Credit
Mr. Arun Gupta
Vice President & Senior Research Analyst
Mr. Nischal Shah
Chief Information Security Officer
Mr. Himanshu Mehta
Independent Director
Ms. Sandra Martyres
Independent Director
Mr. Sanjaya Johri
Chief Information Officer
Mr. Atchuta Madhav
Independent Director
Ms. Tabassum Inamdar